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Tips for searching UW Libraries Search for Books on Africa:

    • UW affiliates will be prompted to login to UWNetID
    • For know items, enter authors or titles in " "
    • Use descriptive words as search terms
    • Use keyword search phrases: examples, Africa economic, Ethiopia politics, South Africa HIV
    • Use Suggested New Searches to identify related information
    • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending: politic* [finds political, politically, politics...]
    • To to find a book, under Format  (left navigation menu) choose Book
    • Click title link to display item details (library location; call number, availability, etc.)
    • Use Advanced Search for complex searches and limits
    • Connectors (AND/OR) should be entered in uppercase letters

Sample Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings

A sample list of LC subject headings for African Studies. Many general subjects can also be broken down geographically or by ethnic group, eg. Decorative arts, Fula; Women, Zulu.

  • Africa (region, e.g.see also under other geographic sub-divisions East, West, Central, South, North, or Sub Saharan including the names of individual countries)
  • Africa AIDS
  • Africa Economic assistance
  • Africa Economic policy
  • Africa Ethnology
  • Africa Foreign relations
  • Africa Social conditions
  • Africa West (Some typical sub-headings for regions are:)
  • Africa West-colonization
  • Africa West-description and travel
  • Africa West-economic conditions
  • Africa West-history (divided by time period)
  • Africa West-languages
  • Africa,West-literature
  • Africa West -politics and government
  • Africa West-social conditions
  • African languages (see also under the names of individual languages or groups of language
    Hausa (African People)
  • African literature

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Browsing the library shelves by call number ranges is another strategy for locating information on a topic.

  • BL2390-2490 History and principles of African religions
  • DT History of Africa
  • G2445-2739 Atlases of Africa
  • G8200-8904 Maps of Africa
  • GN643-659 Ethnology of African peoples
  • HC800-905 Economic conditions in Africa
  • JQ1870-3981 Political institutions and public administration in Africa
  • JV8790-9025 Emigration and immigration- Africa
  • ML350 History and criticism of African music
  • PL8000-8844 Languages and literatures of Africa
  • Z3501-3975 National bibliographies- Africa


How Do I Find a Book at UW Libraries?

Short tutorial demonstrating how to find a book in University of Washington Libraries. Walks through the process from searching in UW WorldCat to locating a book on the shelf. | Time 01:37 | Play Video

Ebooks at the UW

An ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. Some ebooks require you to set up a personal account in order to view them.

The following link provides access to ebook packages at the University of Washington.