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Research Guides

American Ethnic Studies: Asian American

Resources for beginning research in American Ethnic Studies.

Selected Resources - Asian American

Includes more than 20 Asian American ethnic groups experiences, covering immigration patterns, culture, employment, and more.

Provides more than 2,000 entries on Asian life, culture, and history in the United States.

This Web resource sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, is designed to increase public awareness of the health concerns of these important minority groups, who are major contributors to our society's economy, innovation, and vibrancy. Links are provided to an assortment of documents, web sites, databases, and other resources.

This biographical dictionary features profiles of 166 distinguished Asian Americans and their significant contributions to American society.

This reference source is organized into four sections: a historical overview by Gary Okihiro, a distinguished scholar of Japanese American history; a chronology of major events in Japanese American history; encyclopedic entries on significant individuals, organizations, events, and movements; and an annotated bibliography of 100 major works. The encyclopedia features more than 400 entries on a wide range of topics.

Online encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference sources
This source contains 250 biographical sketches on noteworthy Asian Americans, both living and deceased, from all fields of endeavor.

Provides a list of contemporary Asian-American leaders from all occupations and ethnic and cultural subgroups.