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Research Guides

Chinese Studies: Statistics, Archives & Dictionaries

A research guide for Chinese study materials at the University of Washington Libraries

UW Subscribed Chinese Resources

Primary Sources/Archives

Policing the Shanghai International Settlement, 1894-1945 [UW restricted]

This collection provides researchers with the opportunity to explore a unique period in China’s struggle toward a modern existence through the International Settlement in Shanghai.

Content: 92,160 images; Source Library:U.S. National Archives

Hong Kong Government Report Online 1841-1942

A full-text image database providing online access to pre-World War II issues of four major government publications, namely, Administrative Report, Hong Kong Sessional Papers, Hong Kong Hansard and Hong Kong Government Gazette. It contains a wide range of information, such as official notifications, proceedings of the Legislative Council, statistics, and reports of government departments and special committees, which are essential to students and scholars in conducting research on Hong Kong.