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Education: Journal Details, Acceptance Rates, and Impact Factors

Journal Information and Details


Journal Acceptance Rates

Journal acceptance (rejection) rates are often difficult to find and differ depending upon how the journal calculates acceptance rates. For example, some count from the number of submissions, some from the submissions forwarded by the editor to reviewers.  Some journals will include these in the “information for authors” area in the print journal or on the webpage for the journal.  Some journals or societies will also publish acceptance rates on their websites.  For example, the APA has information for their publications. You can either consult UlrichsWeb (see above) or search the web for these websites.  You may need to e-mail the editor to see if they will share the acceptance rate for their publication if it is not available in any other source.


Journal Impact Factors

Impact factors are often used to determine the importance of a journal in a specific field.  Keep in mind that not all journals have been evaluated for impact factors.