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Canaan (Biblical Israel): Biblical Hebrew

References on Canaanite, Phoenician, Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac and Ugaritic.

Biblical Hebrew Dictionaries

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Armstrong, Terry A., 1944-. A reader's Hebrew-English lexicon of the Old Testament. Grand Rapids : Zondervan Pub. House, c1980-. Call #= PJ4833 .A69

Botterweck, G. Johannes. Theological dictionary of the Old Testament. Grand Rapids : Eerdmans, [c1974- ]. Call #= BS440 .B5713

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Clines, David J. A. The dictionary of classical Hebrew. Sheffield : Sheffield Academic Press, 1993. Call #= PJ4833 .D53 1993

Green, Jay P. A concise lexicon to the Biblical languages. Peabody, Mass. : Hendrickson Publishers, c1987 Call #= PJ4833 .C66 1987

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Jastrow, Marcus, 1829-1903. A dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic literature. Pardes Pub. House [1950]. Call #= PJ5205 .J3 1950

Kaddari, Menahem Zevi, 1925- Milon ha-Ivrit ha-Mikrait : Otsar leshon ha-Mikra me-alef ad tav / Menahem-Tsevi Kadari. Ramat-Gan : Hotsaat Universitat Bar-Ilan, [2007]. Call #= PJ4833 .K118 2007

Kohler, Ludwig, 1880-1956. The Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon of the Old Testament. Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1994-. Call #= PJ4833 .K64 1994

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Wigram, George V The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old Testament. London : S. Bagster, 1963. Call #= BS1125 .W5 1963

Biblical Hebrew Grammars

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Blau, Joshua, 1919- . A grammar of Biblical Hebrew / Joshua Blau. 2nd, amended ed. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1993. Call #= PJ4567 .B533 1993

Buxtorf, Johann, 1564-1629. Thesaurus grammaticus linguae sanctae hebraeae. Hildesheim ; New York : Georg Olms, 1981. Call #= PJ4563 .B89 1981

Futato, Mark David. Beginning Biblical Hebrew / Mark D. Futato. Winona Lake, Ind. : Eisenbrauns, 2003. Call #- PJ4567.3 .F88 2003

Gesenius, Wilhelm, 1786-1842. Gesenius' Hebrew grammar. Oxford, England : Clarendon Press, 1985. Call #= PJ4564 .G413 1985

Horsnell, Malcolm John Albert, 1939-. A review and reference grammar for Biblical Hebrew. Hamilton, Ont. : McMaster University Press, 1998. Call #= PJ4567.3 .H67 1998

Lambdin, Thomas Oden. Introduction to Biblical Hebrew. London, Darton, Longman and Todd, 1973. Call #= PJ4567 .L3 1973.

Sawyer, John F. A. A modern introduction to biblical Hebrew. Stocksfield, Eng. ; Boston : Oriel Press, 1976. Call #= PJ4564 .S26

Van der Merwe, Christo H. J. Biblical Hebrew reference grammar. Sheffield : Sheffield Academic Press, c1999. Call #= PJ4567 .V36 1999

Vance, Donald R. An introduction to classical Hebrew / by Donald R. Vance. Boston : Brill Academic Publishers, 2004. Call #PJ4567.3 .V36 2004

Waltke, Bruce K. An introduction to biblical Hebrew syntax / Bruce K. Waltke and M. O'Connor. Winona Lake, Ind. : Eisenbrauns, 1990. PJ4707 .W35 1990

Yates, Kyle Monroe, 1895-. The essentials of Biblical Hebrew. New York : Harper [1954?]. Call #= PJ4567 .Y3 1954

Biblical Hebrews Glossaries, Vocabularies, etc.

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Landes, George M. Building your Biblical Hebrew vocabulary : learning words by frequency and cognate / prepared and arranged by George M. Landes. Atlanta, GA : Society of Biblical Literature, c2001. Call #= PJ4845 .L25 2001

Watts, John D. W. Lists of words occurring frequently in The Hebrew Bible. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1967. Call #= PJ4845 .W3 1967

Whitaker, Richard E. The Eerdmans analytical concordance to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Eerdmans, c1988. Call #= BS425 .W48 1988

Young, Robert, 1822-1888. Analytical concordance to the Bible. Young's Analytical concordance to the Bible : containing about 311,000 references subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals with the literal meaning and pronunciation of each : upon the King James version / by Robert Young ; by Donald Guthrie. Newly rev. and corr. Nashville : T. Nelson Publishers, c1982. Call #= BS425 .Y7 1982

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