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Music TA Guide: Where Is It?

Everything a Music TA needs to know about the UW Music Library!

Music Library Upstairs

The upstairs Music Library is located on the first floor (Room 113) and contains research workstations and large study tables.

Where Is It?

There are three locations in the Music Library:  Music Library Upstairs, Music Library Downstairs and Music Listening Center.  Scroll down to learn what you'll find at each location!  Remember you can always use the self-service book lift (shown above) to transport materials between floors.

Music Library Downstairs

Enjoy quiet study in the downstairs portion of the Music Library is located on the ground floor (Room 15).   Here you'll find the rest of our book collection and our print journal collection.  Staff are available in the next room so feel free to ask us any questions you might have!

Music Listening Center

The Music Listening Center, located on the ground floor (Room 19), serves as the main computer lab for the Music Library. You may ask for materials by call number at the Listening Center window. Please note that all media materials must be used within the Listening Center.