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Psychology 209 : Fundamentals of Psychology Literature Review: Home

An introductory guide to searching for Psychology literature

Welcome, from the UW Psychology Librarian!

These pages are intended to introduce the process of literature review in Psychology in two (2) searching exercises.  The activities here will guide you through some searches designed to introduce Psychology databases (with special focus on PsycINFO) and their functions and to the intellectual and evaluative processes necessary to begin to use them effectively. Each tab covers a different activity.

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Watch the video and other help files intended to guide each exercise
  • Download and/or print the worksheet for each exercise and fill it out as you do the activity
  • Submit the worksheet(s) to your section TA in the appropriate manner.

If you run into any difficulties as you proceed, contact your section TA or contact me directly using the information in the profile box on the right —>

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