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Mathematics, Pure and Applied: Media

Guide to finding articles, books, and reference resources in mathematics and applied mathematics.

Online Educational Media for Mathematics & Statistics

Find Films in the UW Libraries

The Mathematics Research Library Media Collection

The Media Collection in the Mathematics Research Library includes documentary films, recorded lectures, and popular television shows and films related to mathematics and statistics. In addition, there are many discs with journal articles, supplementary materials to textbooks, and software.  

UW Libraries Search

The UW Libraries Search includes films held in UW Libraries and streaming online for all three campuses - Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma. 

Search tips: 

  • Do a GENRE/FORM search for"nonfiction films", "documentary films", "feature films", etc.
  • Search by AUTHOR if you know the director's name
  • Search by TITLE if you know the film title
  • Do an ADVANCED KEYWORD search and select the PUBLICATION TYPE: "Videos, Slides, Media"

Media Browsing Collection (UW Libraries Suzzallo Library, 1st floor)

The Media Browsing Collection in Suzzallo Library has an extensive collection of films and tv shows on video and DVD.  Their Web site describes how to find films; provides browse lists of titles organized by genre, type, and recommended lists; many other media resources. 

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Recent Math Media Titles

Counting from infinity: Yitang Zhang and the twin prime conjecture (2015)

Navajo Math Circles (2016)

Math Encounters: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdős. Speaker Paul Hoffman with Joel Spencer and with special introduction by James Jorasch (2011)

Math Encounters: Geometry, Art, & Illusion. Speaker Scott Kim with special introduction by Vi Hart (2011)