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Expository Writing Instructor Portal: Sample Research Assignments

A portal for Expository Writing instructors that includes sample assignments, course outcomes, and supplementary research resources.

ENGL 131 Assignments

Assignment Ideas to Promote Critical Thinking & Information Literacy

Tips from Successful ENGL 131 Research Assignments

    • Students research background information about a an artist or historical figure; find scholarly articles (or books) on the painter or artist

    • Students create an annotated bibliography of sources for final research paper

    • Students explore cultural issues through their own cultural homeland; research requirements are to find data and background information on their county or culture

    • Students are required to find an artifact: print advertisement, commercial, TV shows, etc. and then analyze and interpret it through secondary sources

    • Students are given an image (or find / take their own) related to identity, students analyze the image then draw bigger conclusions from this via different sources, including maps, scholarly sources, etc.

  • Draw non-English majors into research and writing through their own experiences using popular culture, films or novels or graphic novels, personal background or cultural experiences or personal histories.