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ENGR/HCDE 231: Introduction to Technical Writing - Fall 2018: Finding Flagship Magazines

Engineering Society Flagship Magazines

Flagship magazines is a term to describe the type of publication from a professional organization that is usually offered to members as a benefit of joining that organization and represents all the research areas covered by the organization. Most professional societies have a flagship magazine, which is generally less technical in nature than the scholarly publications, i.e. journals or conference proceedings from the same organization

These magazines are great places to get ideas for your papers and gain a general understanding of a particular topic, before going on to find more scholarly resources about the topic. To get online access to most of these, you must go through the UW Libraries Search in order to be recognized as a UW subscriber.

You can visit the website of the magazines for free but to access the subscriber articles you'll need to connect from the UW Libraries website so that you are recognized as a UW subscriber.

Here are a few of the most popular of these publications: