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Clit 315A / SPAN 334A / SISLA 490A: Electronic News

Contemporary Latin American Cinema: The Myth of Che Guevara and Trauma and Memory in the Southern Cone

Start Here to Find News Stories ...

Latin Amercan newspapers play a much more significant role in literary discussion and critique than they do in the United States.  And, because this class deals with very contemporary authors and topics, newspapers may be a particularly good source of information.  For instance, using Ethnic NewsWatch, you will find 6 hits on the name "Rodrigo Rey Rosa," almost all in Spanish.  Compare those results to hits found in the New York Times: only 1 substantive article.


  • Access World News
    regional, national, and international newspapers

  • LexisNexis Academic
    regional, national, and international newspapers, wire services, and news transcripts.
    Try the new LexisNexis Academic interface that will replace the current version in January 2010.

  • Spanish Language News and Magazines
    compiled by the MIT Libraries, a good basic list of major online newspapers from Latin America.

  • Ethnic NewsWatch
    fulltext database of ethnic and minority newspapers published in the United States.  These special audience papers often cover political, social and cultural news of the homeland and are extremely valuable for perspectives that offer different viewpoints than those found in mainstream US newspapers.  Can be searched in Spanish for Spanish language newspapers as well.

  • Library Press Display
    look here to see if your author or topic has been reported in the press within the last 60 days.  Fulltext, online facsimile issues of hundreds of newspapers from around the world.

  • Zona Latina: Latin American Media & Marketing
    very wide ranging selection of links, including radio sites, "new and different" media sites, and a "Book of the Week" section.