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U.S. Decennial Census: 1900

Decade by decade information about how to access and use U.S. Census reports.

About the 1900 census


  • 12th decennial census
  • US population: 75,994,575
  • Washington population: 518,103

Questions asked

Address; name; relationship to head of family; sex; race; age; month and year of birth; marital status; number of years married; for women, number of children born and number now living; place of birth of person and parents; if foreign born, year of immigration to the U.S., number of years in the U.S., and whether naturalized; occupation; months not employed; months attended school during census year; literacy; ability to speak English. Supplemental schedules for the blind and for the deaf.

For more information:



For more information:

  • Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790 - 1920 (GovPub Reference HA195 .T46 1987)


Original printed reports (& online equivalents)

Print Versions in the Library

Online Versions

Vol I: Population.
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.1]  

From the Census Bureau

Vol II: Population.
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.2]

From the Census Bureau

Vol III: Vital Statistics
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.3]

From the Census Bureau

Vol IV: Vital Statistics
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.4]

From the Census Bureau

Vol V: Agriculture
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.5]

From the Census Bureau

Vol VI: Agriculture
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.6]

From the Census Bureau

Vol VII: Manufactures
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.7]

From the Census Bureau

Vol VIII: Manufactures
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.8]

From the Census Bureau

Vol IX: Manufactures
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.9]

From the Census Bureau

Vol X: Manufactures
[HA201 1900 .T84 1902 v.10]

From the Census Bureau

[HA201 1900 .A27 1904Microfiche M-5003, no. C302-1]

From the Census Bureau

Statistical Atlas
[HA201 1900 .S73 1998]

From the Census Bureau

Supplementary analysis and derivative tables
[HA201 1900 .S83 1998Microfiche M-5003, no. C305-1

From the Census Bureau

Bulletins of the Twelfth Census of the United States
[HA201 1900 .A1]

From the Census Bureau

Occupations at the twelfth census
[HA201 1900 .O23 1998, HA201 1900 .O33 1904, Microfiche M-5003, no. C305-21]

From the Census Bureau

Statistics of women at work
[317.3 Un31wo 1900, HA201 1900 .S74 1998, Microfiche M-5003, no. C305-32, Microfilm A8266 reel 775, no. 6204

From the Census Bureau

Wealth, debt, and taxation
[HJ257 .A3 1907, Microfiche M-5003, no. C305-31]


Multi-year census compilations (compare across years)

These tend to include statistics for large geographic areas (eg states) but can be very useful when comparing statistics over time.

See: list of all census compilations

Guides and Documentation

Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census.                   (GovPub Reference HA 37 .U55 C66 2000)
See the entry under "decennial census". Includes bibliography for each census.

See: list of all Guides and Documentation

Raw Data Files

These are computer files intended to be loaded into statistical sofware for analysis and creating your own tables. In some cases these files can be used with spreadsheet software as well.

See: list of raw data sources

Population Schedules

Census population schedules (or "name schedules" or "manuscript census") are copies of the original questionnaires collected during each decennial census. They list the individual names and family information of the people enumerated. Unlike the statistics published soon after the census, the population schedules remain confidential for 72 years. 1930 is the most recent population schedule available.


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