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Constitution Reading: Information for Readers

Annual reading of the U.S. Constitution, sponsored by the University of Washington Libraries

Information for Readers

Thank you for volunteering to be part of the 13th annual Constitution Read-Aloud in Suzzallo Library. We greatly appreciate your willingness to read!

Here are the basic things you need to know:

When:  Friday, October 5, 2018, at noon. Please arrive at 11:45, the entire reading takes about 75 minutes. If you need to read and leave early, this is okay.

Where:  In Suzzallo Library -- either on the front steps or on the 3rd floor, outside the Main Reading Room (watch for updates)

What you need to bring:  Nothing. We will provide an easy-to-read (large print) edition of the Constitution.  Regular work attire, including the wearing of work-related uniforms, is great.

Your reading will be:  very brief (about five sentences) and assigned to you at the event. Regrettably, we can't guarantee you a specific section.  Take a look at the text so that you're generally familiar with the document. Again, thank you and you'll receive one more reminder from us.

We welcome walk-on readers, but we also love it when people sign up!

Suzzallo Library

Suzzallo Library on the Red Square at the University of Washington.

Image courtesy of Curtis Cronn.