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Clit 312: History of Film, 1959 - 1988 (Pearson, Winter 2014) : Secondary Sources - Books & Articles

Covers the many changes in filmmaking since 1959. Topics include Beat, experimental and documentary films, the French New Wave and New Waves, the New Hollywood, Auteurs and Brats, Cinema in Britain, Argentina, India, France, Brazil and more

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Book Subject Headings

Subject headings offer an efficient way to search for books in the UW Libraries catalog.  To get started, try a few keyword searches, such as Blaxploitation or Cinema Verite or the title of a film or name of a director. 

The keyword Blaxploitation produces 54 results and, by dragging down toward the bottom of one of the cataloging records, you can see that the word is actually an authoritative term used in Library of Congress subject headings.  The LC subject heading are hotlinks.  so if you click on the heading:                                  

Blaxploitation Films United States History and Criticism

you quickly reduce your results to 4 titles.  These subject headings are assigned by specially trained subject experts who evaluate all of our library books and choose several subject headings that capture the main subject(s) of each book.  Searching by LC subject heading is a much more focused, exacting way to search for books on any particular topic.

A selection of subject headings that might be useful in this course follows below:

Motion Pictures - Brazil (67 titles); a more specific subject heading is Cinema Novo (3), but search Cinema Novo as a keyword phrase for 21 hits

New Wave Films - France - History (16 titles) This subject heading was later refined to:

New Wave Films - France - History and Criticism (12 titles)

Motion pictures - Moral and Ethical Aspects (68 titles) and many additional sub headings, such as name of country,

Realism in motion pictures (58 titles)

Encyclopedias provide overviews