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Clit 312: History of Film, 1959 - 1988 (Pearson, Winter 2014) : Film Reviews

Covers the many changes in filmmaking since 1959. Topics include Beat, experimental and documentary films, the French New Wave and New Waves, the New Hollywood, Auteurs and Brats, Cinema in Britain, Argentina, India, France, Brazil and more

Film reviews

Film reviews are found in many publications, including newspapers and trade journals.   The benefit gained from at least checking these two databases is that they pull together reviews from primarily film magazines. Many of the sources in FIAF are, not surprisingly, in the language of the country in which the journal is published.

American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog                                                                                                               National filmography for American films, AFI includes trade journal film reviews from the silent era up to 1971.

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive                                                                                                         Includes more than a dozen fully searchable backfiles of major and minor film, radio, music and other entertainment industry trade publications, including Variety (1905-2000).  

FIAF International Filmarchive Database
Includes reviews of foreign films and television shows.


The Los Angeles Times
(1886-Current File).
Los Angeles, Calif.: Aug 10, 1920.
pg. III4, 1 pgs