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Clit 312: History of Film, 1959 - 1988 (Pearson, Winter 2014) : Websites

Covers the many changes in filmmaking since 1959. Topics include Beat, experimental and documentary films, the French New Wave and New Waves, the New Hollywood, Auteurs and Brats, Cinema in Britain, Argentina, India, France, Brazil and more

Interesting websites

Cuba Absolutely Well, this is just really fun and gives you a great sense of Cuban culture and film. In Spanish and English.

French New Wave Guide A complete guide to the French New Wave and new wave cinema from around the world. Created and maintained by New Wave

Please submit suggestions for this page. As you do your research, you may find a good academic resource on one of the topics for the class.  If it meets our standards and the needs of this class, we will include the link here.