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Research Guides

Collection Guidelines: Jewish Studies : Scope

These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Jewish Studies collections of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).


A. Chronologic.

No period is excluded, but major emphasis is on Jewish history from the period of the Second Temple (ca. 520 B.C.E.) to the present.

B. Geographic.

There are no geographic exclusions. All geographic settings of Jewish cultural and social life are included. Emphasis is on Israel, the Middle East, Europe and North America, but material on Jewish communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia is also acquired.

C. Languages.

Widely, emphasis is on materials in English, Hebrew, German, French, and Yiddish, with material in other Middle East and European languages and their translations into English acquired as needed.

D. Format.

Monographs, serials, microforms, reprints, atlases, maps, and manuscripts are included.

E. Exclusions.

     1. Subject areas. Works on sciences and trades.

      2. Formats. Textbooks; photographic essays lacking research value; juvenile and popular treatments.