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Research Guides

C LIT 596A / ENG 544 / GWSS 590: Hispanic Women Writers and Directors: Find Articles

This course will map the contours of feminist narrative discourse in the Spanish-speaking world over the past half century through literary works and films.

Welcome to Your Research Guide

This class guide provides links to scholarly literary, film, social and cultural databases that may be useful in the research required for this course. 

See the Citation Styles Guide and other citation tools for help with managing your citations.

Multidisciplinary Journal Databases

Use the following two full text (usually) databases to search scholarly journals and books across disciplines.

JStor  contains a vast store of scholarly articles and a new but growing collection of book chapters.  It's special feature is the depth of the backfiles of many of the journals found here.  A quick glance at the browse menu reveals the emphasis on Humanities and History titles. Some materials are only in citation and/or abstract form.

Project Muse another very large multidisciplinary collection of book content and scholarly journals.  Project Muse licensing arrangements allow for immediate or nearly immediate uploading of the most recent journal and book content, so while backfiles are not deep (generally back to the late 20th-early 21st centuries, it contains the most recently published online content.

Articles and Reviews

COMPLUBDOC Spanish index of scholarly journals from the Universidad Comlutense de Madrid.

FIAF: International Index to Film Periodicals A citation index to a wide range of international periodicals which can be searched by keyword, author, title, journal, and searches limited by country and publication years. The user interface is a challenge but sometimes worth the struggle.

HLAS Online; Handbook of Latin American Studies A bibliogprahy on Latin America prepared by scholars.  Annual volumes alternate between the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

HAPI Online; the Database of Latin American Journal Articles . This database is particularly valuable for its focus on borderland literature and culture, as well as scholarly publications focusing on Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Brazil. PRISMA (Publicaciones y Revistas Sociales y Humanística) is a subset of HAPI and provides access to just those cited materials that are available in full text.)

Literature Online Combines original literary texts and key criticism and reference sources, journal articles and more. This resource emphasizes literature in English and may be most useful for scholarly research on borderlands writing and writers.

Literature Resource Center Organizes searches by Person and Works, and then sorts results into useful categories, such as literary criticism, biographical information, primary sources, reviews & news and multimedia resources, the latter which can include appropriate websites, photographs, etc.

MLA International Bibliography The Modern Language Association Bibliography is the classic scholarly resource for identifying articles and books on modern languages, literatures, folklore, cinema, linguistics and new media.  Once the most thorough citation index for literary studies, it now offers fulltext pdf files of most entries along with citation/abstracts and cite counts and links.

MRQE The Movie Review Query Engine A comprehensive collection of film reviews from a vast number of sources.  Searching Martel's La Cienaga produces 41 reviews, ranging from the New York Times to Jump Cut - Magazin (German publication) to Bright Lights Film Journal.  Searching for Director Isabel Coixet produces several hundred hits.  Most of the articles found in MRQE are short, not scholarly but can be quite useful, particularly for filmmakers who are relatively new to movie making.