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What is e-Shelf?

e-Shelf allows you to save and organize items that you find during your UW Libraries Search session. Important: you must be logged in to UW Libraries Search to save items for future sessions. If you are not logged in, your saved items will only be available for the current session.

Saving items to e-Shelf

To save an item from your search results to your e-Shelf, click the e-Shelf link on the right-hand side of the item. The star will turn gold and the item will be added to your e-Shelf. Add all items from a page at once by clicking the "add page to e-Shelf" link at the top of your search results.

Viewing items saved in e-Shelf

To view items saved in your e-Shelf, click the "e-Shelf" link in the top right hand corner of your screen. Items sent to your e-Shelf are placed in the "basket" folder.  

Managing folders

Create Folder: add a new folder under the selected folder.

Rename Folder: rename the selected folder.

Copy Folder: copy the selected folder into temporary memory. The original folder will not be changed or deleted.

Paste Folder: paste the last folder placed into memory into the selected folder.

Delete Folder: delete the selected folder from Basket.

Add Note: add a note to a folder.

Modify Note: modify a folder's note.

Moving items to folders

To move items from one folder to another, check the box next to the title and drag it into the desired folder. Alternately, you can use the cut/copy/paste options to move items. 

Managing items

You can perform the following operations on individual items:

Cut Items: cut the selected items and to place them into temporary memory.

Copy Items: copy the selected items into temporary memory.

Paste Item: paste the last items placed into memory into the current folder.

Delete Items: delete the selected items.


E-Mail Items: email the selected items.


Print Items: print the selected items.

Add Note: add a note to an item.

Modify Note: modify an item's note.