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Care, Handling and Storage

Book Anatomy - Short guide to the parts of a book.

Canadian Conservation Institute Conservation Resources: Paper and Books Section - CCI has many print and online resources dealing with the care and conservation of paper and books.

Caring for Blueprints and Cyanotypes (PDF) - NPS Conserve O Gram on the preservation needs of architectural blueprints and the related cyanotype photographic process.

Care, Handling and Storage of Books - Tips from the Library of Congress. The LOC also has a Selected Bibliography for the Care of Books.

Guide to the ANSI /NISO/ LBI Library Binding Standard (PDF) - this Guide illuminates the technical Standard and translates the technical jargon into language that can be readily understood by library staff.

IFLA Principles for the Care and Handling of Library Materials - A general introduction to the care and handling of library material or individuals and institutions with little or no preservation knowledge.

National Park Service Conserve O Grams - Short info sheets from the NPS about caring for a variety of museum objects. Section 19 deals specifically with Archival, Manuscript Collections and Rare Books.

Preservation of Scrapbooks and Albums - From the Library of Congress.

Proper Care of Library Books - More tips, this time from the American Mueum of Natural History.

NEDCC's Preservation Leaflets, Section 4: Storage and Handling - Provides extensive information on proper book storage methods, shelving, cleaning, handling practices and more.

Storage and Care of Architectural Records - A general overview of best practices that can be implemented and resources that can be consulted for the preservation of architectural record materials (blueprints, original drawings, etc..)


Preservation Guidelines for Digitizing Library Materials - From the Library of Congress.

IFLA Guidelines for Planning the Digitization of Rare Book and Manuscript Collections - These guidelines are written from the point-of-view of those who study the physical object as an artifact bearing intrinsic historical evidence as much as for the intellectual content that it contains.

Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations - From ALA's Preservation and Reformatting Section.

Care & Handling of Rare Books Video

Care & Handling of Rare Books, Paper, Manuscripts, Photographs & Archives
An Auckland Libraries staff training video.

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