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Nursing & Health: Find Articles

Guide to resources for UW Tacoma Nursing & Health students

Finding Full Text

From a database

In most databases, if the full text of the article is not available, you will see a Check for Full Text button. 

This will search for the article and:

a) take you to the article - look for PDF full text,
b) take you to the catalog - click on the link next to Content Available
c) link you to Interlibrary Loan so you can request a copy of the article.  Click on Articles (1-2 days).

    Nursing Databases

    How do I know if an article is peer reviewed?

    Step 1:  Check the peer review status of the JOURNAL.

    Search for your title in Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory.

    When you find your journal, look for a "referee shirt" symbol.  The symbol will appear next to any journal title that is peer reviewed and/or refereed (interchangeable terms).

    Step 2:  If the JOURNAL is peer reviewed, then assess the ARTICLE.

    Is it a full research article?  If your article is a short news brief, an editorial, a letter to the editor, or a re-print of a conference proceeding, it is not peer reviewed.

    Cross-discipline databases