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Tips for Searching:

Once you've run a search, use the "Refine My Results" options on the left side of the page.  It's a quick way to drill down to the most useful results without paging through a lot of items you're not really interested inOptions often include:

  • Resource type (examples: book, article)
  • Library (example: UW Tacoma)
  • Creation date
  • Language
  • Topic
  • Classification LCC (Library of Congress call numbers)

Tacoma Math & Science Guides

Looking for a field guide, some problem examples, or some statistics help?  Check out the Tacoma Math & Science Guide Collection located near the reference desk in the UWT Library.  Some example titles are listed below...

Browsing Science Books in the Library

The UW Libraries arranges books by Library of Congress call numbers. The major sections for the sciences are listed below.

G Geography
GA Mathematical Geography (Cartography)
GB Physical Geography
GC Oceanography
GE Environmental Sciences
GF Human Ecology
Q General Science
QB Astronomy
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QE Geology
QH Natural History - Biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology
S Agriculture (General)
SB Plant Culture
SD Forestry
SF Animal Culture
 TD Environmental Technology - Sanitary Engineering

For a more specific breakdown of the call numbers see the Library of Congress Classification Online.