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TCOM 254 Communication History - Wolf-Monteiro: More media studies primary sources

Selected Primary Media Source Collections

Additional media resources

Streaming Video
Streaming collections available to UW Tacoma students.  Includes historical films.

Advertising Images
Collections available to UW Tacoma students

Collections of the many news sources available to UW Tacoma students. Includes more historical newspapers and magazines.

Historical Newspapers on Microfilm

There are 1000s of newspapers in the U.S. and the world that have never been digitized.  Below is a selected list of other major papers from the U.S. that are available in microfilm in UW Libraries.  Please contact Suzanne Klinger ( if you are interested in requesting one of these papers.

Historical magazines on microfilm or in print

Below are a few examples of magazines that are available for delivery from Seattle to UW Tacoma Library. Use the UW Libraries Search to locate other magazines by title.

Historical Magazines Online