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TSOCWF 300 History of Social Welfare - Janice Laakso: Assignment

Research Assignment

Paper One

The purpose of this paper is to learn more about one of the significant historical events or issues that are discussed in this class as it pertains to Washington state. You should choose from one of the following issues, or you may select an issue not listed, with instructor approval. Issues and events include:

(1) Women in Washington state getting the right to vote and/or right to serve on jury

(2) The laws regarding Eugenics in Washington state

(3) The “Tacoma Method” of removing Chinese

(4) Seattle General Strike of 1919

(5) The Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 (related to immigration) sponsored by Rep. Albert Johnson from Tacoma who held hearing at the federal courthouse in Tacoma

(6) Mothers’ Pension/AFDC in Washington state

(7) The Dawes Act as it affected Indian tribes in Washington state

(8) The removal of the Japanese from Washington state (beginning with Bainbridge Island) during WWII

(9) The Boldt Decision on tribal fishing rights, February 1974

You may want to consult with the librarian on campus about how to gather historical event information.

This paper will be no more than five pages long, double-spaced, use APA guidelines, have at least four references and include the following content:

(1) Cover the basic facts of the issue, including specific relevant information about how what happened in Washington state was the same or different than what you have learned about the topic from a national perspective.

(2) Describe how the outcome of the issue/event you discuss reflects citizenship theory, using specific concepts from the theory in your discussion of the event.

(3) Identify societal values that are reflected in the outcome. (Values like work ethic, freedom of speech, equality, independence, financial security, etc.)