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TSOCWF 300 History of Social Welfare - Janice Laakso: Citing Sources

Citing online sources in APA - examples

Examples do not include proper indentations.

Newspaper Article (online)    

Woodward, B., & Bernstein. C. (1972, June 19). GOP security aide among five arrested in bugging affair. The Washington Post.  Retrieved from

Magazine Article (online)     

Henry, W. A., & Mehta, N. S. (1990, April 9). Beyond the melting pot. Time, 135, 28-31.  Retrieved from,9171,969770,00.html

Book (online)

Nash, D.G., & Crosby, G. (2013). Nash steals Young always (2nd ed., Vol. 2). Retrieved from

Online Reference Work

Heuristic. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (11th ed.). Retrieved from

Website (Corporate/Government)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. (2003). Managing asthma: A guide for schools (NIH Publication No. 02-2650). Retrieved from

Website (General-no specific author)

The College of Joy. (2012). Happy citations. Retrieved from

Website (General- specific author)

Smith J.B., and Burks, C.J. (2012). Happy citations [PDF format].  Retrieved from

APA Style Guides

Getting Citations from Databases & Catalog

You can get the citations from databases and the catalog, but you will need to verify the information using the APA guides. 

America: history and life

  • Click on the article title.  In the right column, click on Cite. 


  • Click on the article title.  Click on View Citation.  NOTE: This is not in any format, so you will need to copy the infomation and arrange following the citation format.

UW WorldCat

  • Click on the item title.  Click on Cite/Export. 

Free Web Citation Tools