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TSOCWF 300 History of Social Welfare - Janice Laakso: Searching the Web

Does UW have the article I need?

Option 1: If you find an article on the web, use the Proxy Bookmarklet to see if UW has access.  The bookmarklet lets you log into the proxy without having to browse from the Libraries website.

Option 2: Go to the Ejournals page.  Click on the Articles tab to search for your article.

Option 3: If 1 & 2 don't work, email Anna Salyer ( with citation information or web link. 

Google Scholar

When searching Google Scholar, you can connect to UW resources.

Option 1: From the Library web site, click on the Off Campus Access button and log in with your NetID before searching.

Option 2: Download the Proxy Bookmarklet.  When you are on a page that is prompting you to pay, click on the Proxy Bookmarklet to see if you have access through the UW.

Option 3: Click on Settings.  In the left menu, click on Library Links and search for University of Washington.  Check these options:

Government Documents in Google

When searching Google, you can limit your search to Government or Organizational websites.

Government Documents and agencies - add site:gov to your search.

"dawes act" site:gov

Organizational Sites - add site:org to your search.

"dawes act" site:org