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TIAS 515 & THIST 437 "Doing Community History" - Honey: Post to the TCHP Blog

Steps for Preparing Your Blog Post

Goals for blog post:

  • Provide an interesting snippet of your interview for a general audience.
  • Create a general introduction 

Instructions for creating blog post

  1. Log in to the TCHP blog with your UW NetID.
  2. Prepare the text, images, and audio clip for your blog post:
    • Text: 500 word introduction to the clip and interview that draws readers to listen.
    • Images: Photos relevant to the interview.
    • Clip: A 5-10 minute segment from the interview that can serve as a highlight for the piece.
  3. Log into TCHP Sound Cloud (Michael Sullivan  orJustin Wadland can provide password).
    • Upload audio clip and associated image.
    • Create a play list and add full recordings of interviews to sound cloud.
  4. Copy link of clip and link of play list into your blog post. The blog software will automatically display the player.