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Pacific Northwest History: Tacoma History

Tacoma, Washington

Real Estate Investment Ad in Tacoma (1889)

Image from UW Digital Collections

Tacoma Public Library, Northwest Room

Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room

Digital images, information, and collections on the exploration, growth and development of Tacoma and the Puget Sound Region
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Tacoma Community History Projects

Since 1991, students enrolled in Dr. Michael Honey's  “Doing Community History” class have been collecting oral histories of local residents and gathering historical research in Community History Projects.

Interviews are transcribed and edited for user accessibility, and the original audio interview is often included. The projects are Library Use Only.

Accessing the collection

  • If you identify a community history project that you would like to use or have questions about using the Tacoma Community History Projects, please contact Suzanne Klinger or Justin Wadland.

Tacoma Newspapers

There were a variety of newspapers in the early 20th century in Tacoma.  In addition, the News Tribune changed its title several times.  The list below gives you a list of those changes along with the appropriate dates so that you can more easily locate specific titles, especially those that might be referenced in a database such as the Tacoma Public Library's Building Index.