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Add Citations from Databases

Look for the option to "export" or "save" or "send to" references directly into RefWorks from many catalogs and databases, including UW Libraries Search, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Web of Science, and more.

Example 1: EBSCOhost  databases

From result list, click on Article Title or use Add to Folder.  Folder can be accessed in upper menu.

Click on Export. Choose Direct Export to RefWorks. Save.

Example 2: Direct Export from Web of Science

From result list, click on Send to menu. Select RefWorks.

Example 3: Direct Export from a ProQuest database

From result list, click on Export/Save.  Select RefWorks.   Click Continue.

Example 4: UW Libraries Search (BETA)

From result list, click on Star icon next to titles to add to e-Shelf. Access e-Shelf in upper right menu. Select Push to RefWorks

More Examples

  • To import references from Google Scholar:  Visit the Scholar Preferences page and select the RefWorks citation format in the "Bibliography Manager" section.  Now, from the result list, you will see a RefWorks link under each article. 
  • See RefWorks' instructions for importing citations from many different database providers.

Add Citations Manually

If no electronic data import source exists, you can add references to your RefWorks account manually.

  • Click New Reference at the top of the page.
  • (Optional) Select desired citation style from View fields used by drop down menu.
  • Select desired folder from the Add to Folderdrop down menu
  • Select appropriate reference type from the Ref Type drop down menu.
  • Enter the information from your reference in the appropriate fields.
  • Click Save Reference.