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RefWorks 3.0: Create Bibliography

Create Bibliography

In RefWorks, Click on the Create Bibliography button.

  1. Go to the desired folder.
  2. Next to output style, select your style.
  3. Next to File Type, you can choose HTML, Word for Windows or Word for Mac.  Use Word if you want to edit.
  4. Create bibliography. 

Note: You will need to allow pop-ups. 


Annotated Bibliography

You can add your own annotations to entries in your RefWorks account.

Adding Annotations

  1. In RefWorks, click on the Edit link next to the record you want to annotate.
  2. Enter your annotation into the abstract field for each record in RefWorks.   Save Reference.

» This may require removing the article abstract that was transferred from the database. 

Creating Bibliography

If you are using APA or MLA:

  1. Go to the desired folder.
  2. Click on the Create Bibliography button.
  3. Next to output style, select APA 6th - Annotated with abstracts or MLA 6th Edition, Annotated with Abstracts
  4. Create Bibliography.

If you are not using APA or MLA, you will need to add the abstract field to your output style and save it for future use:

  1. Under Bibliography in the menu bar, click on Output Style Editor.  
  2. Select your style.
  3. Rename the style by adding annotated to the name (example: Council of Science Editors - CSE 7th, Name-Year Sequence - Annotated)
  4. Click on View.
  5. In the Reference Type menu, select one (example: Journal article [defined]). 
  6. Under Fields for this type, click on Abstract.  
  7. Click the right facing green arrow in between the two menus to add it to the Output Field Order box.
  8. If you are using multiple reference types, repeat steps 5-8 until all of the reference types you are using have abstract in the Output Field Order box. 
  9. Click on Save As.  Now your style is created and will be available each time you go to Create Bibliography. 
  10. Click on the Create Bibliography button. Next to output style, select the new style you just created.  
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: Click the Preview button. For the Reference Type drop down menu, choose the reference type of the reference(s) that you're outputting. You can only output one reference type (journal articles, books, web pages) at a time, as it doesn't allow for mixing of reference types.  You will need to repeat steps 10-12 for each reference type, then copy and paste the entries into one document if needed.
  12. Click create bibliography.