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RefWorks 3.0: Log in with UW NetID

Access RefWorks via Shibboleth

Log in to RefWorks with your UW NetID

Before October 2011, UW's RefWorks account was configured to work only with UW NetID logins. Now, both group code and NetID authentication are options.

    * If you have a UW NetID-authenticated account and would prefer to continue using it, you can use the link above to do so.

    * If you would like to convert your account to use the Group Code method of logging in see the quick and easy instructions in the box to the right.

Shibboleth Login Screens

If you are prompted for a group code and prefer to use your UW NetID-enabled RefWorks account, just look for a link that mentions institutional or Shibboleth login, similar to the three examples below:

Off-Campus Access

Using Check for Full Text button from off-campus requires downloading the Proxy Bookmarklet

Why switch?

Why switch to Group Code authentication?

  • Easier collaboration: UW NetID authentication doesn't support the use of multiple RefWorks accounts for different group projects
  • Mobile access: the RefMobile interface only works with Group Code logins
  • Better support: since UW NetIDs cannot be shared with others, it is easier for RefWorks' support staff to diagnose problems with Group Code accounts
  • Better interoperability: the Shibbolized logins conflict with remote access logins to some databases

Convert from NetID to Group Code

Step 1. Back up your RefWorks database!

Step 2. While logged in to your UW NetID-enabled RefWorks account, look for the "Update Profile" link the the upper right. Change the auto-generated username to your preferred login name and change the password. Your account should now work with the group code login.

Step 3: If you have bookmarked RefWorks, change the link to the group code-enabled RefWorks login.