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Geospatial Resources : Finding Imagery

WAGDA Image Services

Imagery available using ArcGIS for Server Image Services on WAGDA:

Once you have added the image service to ArcMap, go into the properties to display the footprints.  You should be able to select the rasters you need either from a spatial selection or using the attribute table.  To download the data, select the tiles you want, right click on the layer and choose Data -> Download Selected Rasters.

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Digital Imagery of Washington: Online

Digital Imagery of Washington: Offline

Aerial photography that is avaible offline.

  • 2006 NAIP Aerial Photography (3-band, 18 inch): Current UW students, faculty and staff may download the index map and then request individual image tiles for area of interest by email to
  • 2002 Yakima County Orthophotography (3-band, 1 foot): On CD in Suzzallo Map Collection ( G4283 Y3 A25 2002 Y3)
  • 1997 Snohomish County Ortophotography (1-band, 10 foot): On CD in Suzzallo Map Collection (G4283.S6 1997 .S6)

Other Sources

Other sources for digital aerial photography

Connecting to the WAGDA 2.0 Image Services

These services are avaible to UW students, faculty, staff  or anyone with access to the ESRI software ArcGIS Desktop. Aerial photos hosted by the UW libraries can access be accessed through ArcGIS Server Image Services. In ArcCatalog under ArcGIS Servers click on "Add ArcGIS Server", choose the "Use GIS services" and enter the following URL into the dialog box:

Service URL:

One you have created a connection, browse to the Imagery Services folder to see a list of image services available.

Satellite Imagery

Digital Satellite Imagery: Additional Resources