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Geospatial Resources : Local, State, & Regional

University of Washington Geospatial Data

Geospatial datasets housed at the University of Washington Libraries have been migrated from shapefile format to storage within PostgreSQL database accessed through ESRIs Spatial Database Engine (SDE).  Specific spatial datasets are organized based on geographic extent or source agency. Using the links in the sections below, spatial data can either directly be loaded into ArcGIS Desktop as a layer or downloaded as a zipped file in another format. Below are examples of the different data formats.

Spatial Dataset Format Icon Format Description
SDE Dataset ArcGIS Layer ArcGIS Layer File containing symbology and connection information for SDE
Shapefile Dataset ArcGIS Shapefile Zipped geospatial data in shapefile format
Geodatabase ArcGIS Geodatabase Zipped geospatial data in ESRI geodatabase format
Coverage (.e00) Coverage Zipped geospatial data in ESRI coverage format

Lists of datasets are hidden in collapsible sections, click on the purple arrow to expand or collapse the list of datasets.

Collapsed List Collapsed List
Expanded List Expanded List

University of Washington Campus Data

Spatial datasets for the University of Washington such as building outlines and other layers.

University of Washington Campus Vector Datasets

Washington Cities

Spatial datasets available in the Maps Library originated from cities within the State of Washington. Some datasets are avalible for direct download while others can be copied from the physical media.

City of Seattle

Seattle Urban Nature (SUN)

Northwest Regional

Washington Counties

Spatial datasets from counties within the State of Washington available in digital format. All spatial datasets should be directly downloadable.

Chelan County

Clark County

King County

Pierce County

Stevens County

Thurston County

Yakima County