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Geospatial Resources : Connecting to WAGDA

Connecting to the WAGDA 2.0 Server

UW students, faculty, and staff can access datasets via direct connection to our WAGDA SDE database. You may need to install the applicable SQL Client Libraries as described below.

  • Download the SQL Client Library here:
  • Open the directory folder for your ESRI sofware version → DBMSSupportFiles directory → Windows or Linux → Download the PostgreSQL_Client_Libraries_for_Windows_905_......exe
  • Run PostgreSQL_Client_Libraries_for_Windows_905_......exe
  • In the Destination Folder for Files dialog box browse to or enter the following pathway (note that the pathway will need to be changed for your software version, i.e. ...\Desktop10.x\bin): 


  • In ArcCatalog click on "Add Database Connection" and enter the following into the Spatial Database Connection dialog box:


From on campus, you can use the username "guest" with anything as a password.

From off campus, you must first create an account in the database here. Once you have created an account, use your UWNetID username and password to gain access. This method also works if you are on campus.