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BNURS 525: Healthcare Systems Leadership for Advanced Roles (Anderson): Workshop Materials - Wk 5

Week 5 -- Workshop Materials

Required Topics (we need to address all of these): 

  • (TAKEN) --- Lewin's change model/theory (including basic change model/theory and force field analysis/theory)
  • (TAKEN) --- Diffusion of Innovation theory
  • (TAKEN) --- Lippitt's Phases of Change theory
  • (TAKEN) --- Theory of Reasoned Action/Theory of Planned Behavior
  • (TAKEN) --- Transtheoretical Change Model

Optional Topics:

  • Appreciate Inquiry
  • (TAKEN) --- Health Belief Model
  • Other - You choose! Make your case for it here and I'll respond to approve, reject, or negotiate. Feel free to propose any of the many other change models or theories, and/or propose something related that is relevant to change. I'm open to ideas!
  • Search for healthcare systems topics for the upcoming "Module 4 Group Assignment: Universal Healthcare Systems"  assignment:
    • "Search for information related to national healthcare systems, healthcare finance, universal healthcare systems, comparative analyzes of the same, and etc will be useful."
    • "The purpose of the assignment will be to explore how health care is funded throughout the world to get a sense of various ways that this happens in various contexts."
      • Search in PubMed, Web of Science, PAIS International, Academic Search Complete, or CINAHL databases (all linked on the Finding Articles page of this guide).
      • Also search in the UW Libraries Search system to see what the UW Libraries has access to.
      • The Health Services Toolkit from the UW Health Sciences Library might be useful too. 
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