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BNURS 424: Population-Based Health in Community Practice: Web Links

Community and Population Health Resources and Data

Government Information

Official Washington State government portal web site.

  • Access Washington This site is searchable.
    • State of Washington Data Book - Provides diverse Washington data about people, the economy and government. The data comes from state and federal agencies as well as private business. Contents areas include: population, economy, state government finance, human services, criminal justice, education, natural resources, environment, energy, transportation and local government and special districts.

City, Town and County information: including population, structure of government, major employers, budget, links to city guides, chambers of commerce, information, housing and more.

Statistics Database

Proquest Statistical Insight - UW Restricted. Provides abstracts and indexes of statistical information from over 100,000 U.S. government publications since 1973, state and private sources since 1980, and about 2,000 documents from international organizations since 1983.

Population Information - Washington State - Counties and Cities Information

Population Information from the US Census

  • American FactFinder from the Dept. of the US Census. The American Community Survey is searchable by state, county, town/city, or zip code. Includes Age distribution; Sex ratio; Racial/ethnic characteristics; Occupation, income, education; Per capita income; Mean family income; Percentage at poverty level; Percentage receiving public assistance; Unemployment rate; Occupational categories; Percentage of population over 25 completed high school; ant the Percentage completed college age.
  • FedStats - Federal Government statistics locator. Links to 100+ US Government agencies that produce statistics of interest to the public. Site maintained by Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy. Subjects are listed alphabetically or can be searched individually to find relevant statistics.
    It is not always obvious which agency of the government produces statistics, for their responsibilities sometimes overlap.
  • More Census Statistics A list of Census Bureau statistics by topic. Also possible to perform word searches. Includes general and health-related statistics.
  • ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S. - UW Restricted. Formerly a publication of the U.S. Census Bureau and now published by ProQuest, contains a "comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States."

Education Information

Education Information for Washington State

Health Information

Washington State Health Data

National Health Data

Environmental Information

Environmental sites specific to Washington State/Northwest:             



Pesticides, Toxins, Pollution

National Environmental Resources (Sites from the from the Environmental Protection Agency.)


  • Air Now lots of information, plus links to most of the other sites below
  • AirData very cool, pick a state, region, etc. and it will generate a bunch of reports.


Pesticides and Herbicides

  • Pesticides,  EPA defines herbicide as a type of pesticide. Use the search feature to locate herbicide materials.

Waste Management - State and King County

Solid Waste - resources from the Washington State Department of Ecology

Hazardous, Toxic and Nuclear Waste - resources from the Washington State Department of Ecology

King County

Noise Pollution - Washington State

  • Noise Pollution - resource from the Washington State Department of Ecology

National Waste Management and Noise Pollution Resources

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