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BISSKL 375: Research Writing Seminar (Atkinson): Workshop #1 - January 26

Learning Goals for Today

  • Learn "how search works" in order to develop your mental model and evaluation of information retrieval systems.


  • Interpret and analyze a primary source related to your research topic in order to explore their value and how they may present additional ways to approach your research topic/question.

Search Engines and Social Media Bots

As we view the video, consider the following:

  1. How might the structure and functionality of search engines influence your search results?
  2. Can you imagine any possible downsides to search results being customized for us? 


Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary sources broken down by type and content

...and don't forget Tertiary Sources!
From: BMCC Library's Primary vs. Secondary Sources guide.

Fact vs Interpretation

  • A fact indicates what happened, who was involved, and when it occurred. (who, what, when)
  • An interpretation explains how or why something happened. (how, why)


Interpreting Primary Sources Activity

1. Find your name and your source(s) in the list below.

2. Use the Interpreting Primary Sources prompts to analyze your source and extract some information from it. If you have more than one source, you can interpret them collectively or just pick the one that seems most interesting to your research.

Next time: Research Methods & Methodology

Humanities vs Social Sciences comic

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