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TURB 316 Cities and Citizenship -- Hoffman: Assignment

Local Community Research Paper

This course always has a community-based project.  This quarter students will identify an urban issue that is of personal interest and that relates to course themes of inequality, belonging, and discrimination.  Each student will research this topic both locally and in the academic literature.  You will then write a final 5-6 page paper (due on December 15th; 20%) that examines and, using course materials, analyzes this issue.


In addition, every student will present his/her topic and analysis to us during the last week of classes (5%).  At that time I will provide individualized feedback for your final revisions.


Here are some dates and details for the quarter:


  1. Choose a topic of interest to you and turn it in to me on October 13th.  Please write it on a small piece of paper and bring it with you to class.
  2. Identify 2 academic articles on the topic by October 29th. Print out the first page of the article (with title and abstract) and turn them in to me in class.  Please put your name and topic on the front.
  3. Be prepared to talk about how you will make connections between your locally-based community research and course materials.  We will do this in class on December 1st.
  4. Present your topic and analysis to the class in the last week of class. Each student will sign up for a 10 minute slot.
  5. Your 5-6 page papers are due no later than 5pm on December 15th in the Urban Studies office, 3rd floor of Pinkerton. Hard copies must be turned in to the office.