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TCORE: Forest Science and Management in the Pacific Northwest - Kennedy: Find Journal Articles

Find Journal Articles

Search Tips

Remember for this assignment, you will need to use Web of Science to find a primary research journal article from 2015 from one of the following journal titles:

  • Forest Ecology and Managment
  • Ecological Applications
  • Ecology
  • International Journal of Wildland Fire
  • Journal of Applied Ecology

In Web of Science, you will want to search by publication name.

On the search results page of the database, you will limit to 2015 and search one of the groups of keywords on your assignment:

  1. forests, climate change, carbon
  2. forests, climate change, fire
  3. forests fire, carbon
  4. forests, fire, insects
  5. forests, climate change, insects
  6. forests, wood products

Getting your Article

In most databases, if the full text of the article is not readily available, you will see a Check for Full Text button. 

Clicking on the button will do one of the following:

a) take you to the article - look for PDF full text,
b) take you to the catalog - click on the link next to Content Available
c) link you to Interlibrary Loan so you can request a copy of the article.

There are several ways go about finding an article via the UW Libraries website. However, the process is easiest when you have the article's citation handy -- which identifies the article's full title, journal, and author name. 

Start by searching the article title in quotes in UW Libraries Search. 


View the article by choosing “Access Options” and select one of the listed databases.


Once in the database look for Adobe PDF icon OR UW Libraries Full Text icon to access the full text.

  • If searching with the full article title doesn't work, try searching with the journal title instead. 

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