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Genetics & the Law

Guide to support students in Genetics and the Law (Law H520) and Legal Ethical, And Social Issues in Public Health Genetics (Law H504, cross-listed in PHG, MHE, and HSERV).

Legal News

Why would you use it?

  • Very current information—faster than law review articles.
  • Often cover very early stages of law—e.g., bills when they are first proposed, cases when they are first filed.
  • May include comments from various stakeholders (industry, researchers, advocates).
  • May provide citations or links to other sources.


Where can you find it?

Industry & Advocacy Group Reports & Statements

Why would you use them?

  • Information
  • Policy analysis
  • Point of view (Monsanto will have a different take on genetically modified corn than the Council for Responsible Genetics.)

How can you find them?

  • Websites (find a curated list of relevant agencies in the "selected websites" section of this guide.)
  • Press releases
  • News stories

Government Reports & Congressional Hearings

Why would you use them?

  • Policy analysis
  • Scientific information
  • Perspectives of interest groups
  • Background behind legislation or agency action

How can you find them?