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Animal Welfare & Laboratory Animal Alternatives (IACUC Searches)

Conducting literature searches required by the Animal Welfare Act and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Identifying ways to reduce pain or distress in laboratory animals.

Search Tips for All Literature Databases

AND Retrieves items that contain both terms. Good for combining topics to narrow a search. retina AND regeneration
OR Retrieves items that contain at least one of the terms.  Good for combining synonyms. regeneration OR regrowth
* Retrieves word variants, such as regenerate, regeneration, regenerated regenerat*
" " Retrieves the exact phrase contained by the quotation marks. "retinal neuron"
(   ) Tells search system how to combine terms and in which order. retina AND (regenerat* OR regrow*)

Combine Searches Using AND

Example in Web of Science.  Looking for alternatives to a skin sensitivity assay on live animals.

Search #1 - protocol concepts:

(skin OR dermal) AND (sensitiv* OR sensitiz* OR sensitis*) AND (assay* OR model*)

Search #2 - possible alternatives:

(simulat* OR silico OR artificial* OR digital* OR virtual* OR cadaver* OR “non animal” OR “in vitro”)

Combine the two searches with AND.

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