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Prizewinning Books in Law

Law-related books that have won prizes.

Introduction to Topical Lists

We are creating this page of Books Arranged by Topic to aid people who'd like to browse that way. But we're just getting started.

To see more books, go to Books Arranged by Author, which lists all the books we've added to the guide. It's still a work in progress.

American Government & Politics

Biography - Judges

Biography - Everyone But Judges

Business & Economics


Courts, Judges, Juries

See also Biography - Judges.

Criminal Justice


Environmental Issues

Family Law


Health Law & Policy


LGBT Issues

Labor & Employment

Legal History

Almost all of the topics here have books about legal history—whether it's the history of the Supreme Court, the history of Indian law, or the story of a notable trial. And of course the Biography topic has plenty of legal history too.

This topic has just books that are about such broad sweeps of legal history that they don't fit into another topic.

Military & Terrorism

Native Americans


The Press