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TURB 324 Urban & Regional Economics -- Harrington: Data Resources

Starting points

U.S. Cities

Non-U.S. Cities

Historical Data

More resources for U.S. cities

Locating non-U.S. data

  • What is collected and how it is collected will depend on the country. This means it might be hard to compare two different areas.
  • Locate statistical agencies of individual countries. The US Census Bureau has a list which can help you get started.
  • Locate English versions of country or city websites. 
  • Google Translate can help figure some things out, especially if you just need to read the labels on a table.
  • More developed countries will usually have more robust statistical agencies and better English language sites
  • Larger cities might also have their own information pages, which could have some business/economy related statistics to attract businesses (the equivalent of a Chamber of Commerce?). These will likely be in the local language.

More resources for world data