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Guide for Law Journal Students

Hold Shelf

When you request items using the library catalog "Request UW Item", "Request Summit Item", or fill out the ILL form, your items will come to the law library circulation desk hold shelf when they arrive.

How long do books take to arrive after being requested? Approximate times:

  • Law Library items: by the next open morning
  • UW Libraries items: 1-4 days
  • Summit items: 3-5 days
  • Interlibrary Loan: 2-3 weeks

Hold shelf items expire: Most items generally stay on the hold shelf for two weeks, after which your hold will expire and the item will be released back out into the wild for other borrowers to request.

Email notification: You will receive an email when the item arrives at the desk.

Proxy Borrowing

You can designate another law student to pick your hold shelf items up for you.

To do so, email with the subject "Proxy Borrower Request". Explain that you'd like to appoint another student as a borrower for you and give us their name and NetID. Be sure to email us from your UW email address. 


  • The proxy must be another UW law student
  • The proxy needs to bring their Husky Card with them when they come to pick the items up
  • The items will be checked out to you and you are responsible for loss or damage to those items from the moment of checkout until they are returned
  • The maximum amount of time that a proxy can borrow for you is 30 days.
  • This only applies to UW Libraries and Summit items. ILL items must be picked up in person by the borrower. 

Questions about proxy borrowing? Contact Head of Circulation Services, Alena Wolotira.

Delivery from Hold Shelf to Journal Offices

Law library materials that journal staff place on hold  and related to journal work can be checked out and delivered to the journal offices upon request. Editors in chief of the journals have been asked to designate specific book delivery areas for their journal's office.*

This applies only to law library items. UW Libraries, Summit, and ILL items must still be picked up at the desk in person (or by proxy, see above).

How to request delivery?:

  • Comment when placing request: Please write "for delivery to [name of journal]" in the "comment" field when you fill out the catalog request form. If it's a law library item, we'll deliver it and contact you to let you know that it was delivered.
  • Send us an email: You can also write an email to from your UW email address to let us know which journal you're on and request delivery of items that are already on the hold shelf

*NOTE: once library staff let you know that these items are checked out to you and delivered, you, the borrower, are responsible for them. Should the items get lost or damaged while in the journal offices, it is the borrower's responsibility to pay for repair and/or replacement.