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GWSS/ANTH 235: GLOBAL FEMINIST ART: Monographs and Exhibition Catalogs

Resource guide for GWSS/ANTH 235

Finding Monographs and Exhibition Catalogs

You can search for monographs on feminist art or individual artists in the library catalog.  You can also search for exhibition catalogs.  The basic library search will search for all types of materials from books to videos to articles.  Once you've done a basic search, you can filter your results by material type.  


You may find it difficult to identify entire books on a particular artist.  More than likely you will find group exhibition catalogs or a group of published essays on many different artists.  Also, not all books have table of contents loaded into the catalog or even notes so you may not be able to identify relevant books doing just a catalog search.  Sometimes, browsing the stacks and using the index is your friend.  Bibliographies are helpful, especially bibliographies in dissertations and theses as they are usually quite comprehensive.  Another option is to do a Google Books search which is a full-text search but it doesn't search every book out there, so you may still be missing titles.

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The UW Libraries catalog also contains books that belong to our consortia partners in the Orbis Cascade Alliance which is made up of libraries at the colleges and universities in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  You can request these books through the catalog.  It generally takes 2-3 days for them to arrive.

Google Books

Google Books