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Judicial Clerkships

This guide covers U.S. (federal), Washington State, and other state court clerkships.

Sample Searches to Run

Sample searches for LexisNexis and Westlaw:
Type of Opinion LexisNexis Westlaw
all opinions writtenby(mckeown) op(mckeown)
majority opinions opinionby(mckeown) ju(mckeown)
dissenting opinions dissentby(mckeown) op(mckeown/s dissent!)
concurring opinions concurby(mckeown) op(mckeown/s concur!)
opinions reversed or affirmed sy(mckeown/p revers! affirm!)

To find out what a judge did before the bench, check old editions of Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, KF190.M3 at Compact Stacks LC, or use one of the directory options mentioned on the Networking page.