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Washington State Constitution History

Current Constitution

The Washington State Legislature's website includes the current Washington State Constitution (as of this writing, amended through 2016). Notes indicate the dates of amendments and the original text.

The Legislative Manual, republished annually, includes both the constitution and other helpful editorial materials, including a summary, a detailed index, the text of amendments in order of adoption, and Arthur Beardsley's Sources of the Washington State Constitution. The latest is the 2017-2018 Legislative Manual.

To make it easy for users to download just the constitutional sections, we extracted the following from the 2011-2012 Legislative Manual :

Original Constitution

The original (handwritten) constitution from the Secretary of State (in color PDF, black and white PDF, and DJVU).

1889 constitution, first page

Image from Secretary of State


The constitution, originally adopted in 1889, has been amended 108 times, most recently in November 2016. See Washington Constitutional Amendments.