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Mendeley Navigation - Web Version

Once you have created a Mendeley account, you can also download the desktop version. Mendeley allows you to organize your library in either the web version or the desktop version, and then sync the two from your desktop. Navigation of your library is similar within both versions of Mendeley.

Web Version (see Layout - Web Version)
The free web version allows access to the networking features available in Mendeley as well as your library. Click on the tabs at the top of the page to access each of the following features: The "Dashboard" allows you to keep track of recent activity in your "Groups", and allows you to modify or update your profile. "My Library" can stand alone, or be synced to your desktop Mendeley library. The Mendeley collection of "Papers" includes documents added to the web libraries of all users. Mendeley "Groups" allows you to join groups of Mendeley users with similar interests. And Mendeley allows you to create a contact list within Mendeley in the "People" tab.


Mendeley Navigation - Desktop Version

Desktop Version (see Layout - Desktop Version)
Your Mendeley desktop version provides access to your library and your groups. The desktop library allows you to annotate and highlight within your PDFs and other documents.
The Mendeley Desktop Library has three panels representing different levels of information about your references.
  • The Left Panel shows your Mendeley libraries and collections, as well as "tags" or keywords.
  • The Middle Panel lists items contained within the library that you select in the Left Panel.
  • The Right Panel displays information about the item that you select in the Middle Panel.

Mendeley Help Guide

Look for the guide, "Getting Started with Mendeley" in the "Help" menu of the Mendeley Desktop Version.

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