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Creating Citations from other webpages

Although Mendeley cannot automatically capture citation information from most web pages, you can still add web pages to your Mendeley library.

When you find a web page you would like to save to your library, go to the "Import to Mendeley" bookmark in your browser's Bookmark toolbar or menu.

A pop-up box will appear to allow you to save the link and a "snapshot" of the web page to your Mendeley library. You can also add tags, keywords, notes and other information about the web page.

Mendeley automatically captures a "snapshot" of the page. Taking a "snapshot" saves an .html file copy of the webpage as it appeared on the day you saved it to your library. If you would like an exact visual copy of the web page, you can take a screen shot of the page, and attach it to the library item as a .pdf or other acceptible file type.