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Systematic Reviews (SR)

Steps in Producing a Systematic Review

  1. Define the question

  2. Assemble the team

  3. Create a review protocol

  4. Conduct a thorough search of existing information

  5. Select studies per your protocol

  6. Appraise the quality of the studies

  7. Extract data

  8. Analyze and present results

  9. Interpret results

  10. Write up the report

For more information, see Yale University guide to systematic review searching

Guides for Conducting Systematic Reviews


  • Cochrane Collaboration Handbook
    Official document that describes in detail the process of preparing and maintaining Cochrane systematic reviews on the effects of healthcare interventions.

"For an SR to meet the definition of CER, it should compare at least two alternative interventions, treatments, or systems of care (IOM, 2009b). The interventions and comparators should enable patients and clinicians to balance the benefits and harms of potential treatment options."


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